BBQ Turkey Burger :-)

Sooooo I really did not write out a recipe for this…it is the same burger recipe as the grilled cheese post, except it isn’t grilled and it is on a hamburger patty.  Also, on… Continue reading

BBQ Turkey Burger Grilled Cheese

Looking for a twist on your grilled cheese sandwich?  Well I have it…adding a bbq turkey burger patty between those two slices of cheesy grilled toast!   Ingredients: A Turkey Burger Patty (I… Continue reading

Oh so sweet…

Recently, for religious reasons, I sacrificed bread for over 40 days. I never realized just how often I eat bread and how many forms it is in.  The bread I missed most, however,… Continue reading

Take Out, Cooked In

When hunger strikes me, it attacks with a vengeance. What makes it worse is when I have a taste for something specific. I really wanted some Chinese food, but I refused to eat… Continue reading

Insight On The History of Dreadlocks

I recently started my loc journey.  I have been encouraging myself to do some independent research on the history of locs and also the influences of Mother Africa on Modern day African Americans.… Continue reading

Case of the Deflated Cookies

The goal was to make Lofthouse cookies. I followed all the steps from a recipe I found (Click here for Recipe) and yet something went wrong, very wrong. Lofthouse cookies are supposed to… Continue reading

One word: Delish.

Lately, I have had a mental block on cooking. I don’t know what happened, I just lost the will to cook! Well, leave it to extreme hunger after a long, productive day to… Continue reading

Deleted Facebook Pics Can Still Be Accessed?

To answer the question above, YES it is quite possible that pics you deleted in from Facebook within the last three years could possibly still be accessed via direct link. According to a… Continue reading

Quiet Moments

As I am writing this post, I am eating my breakfast (pictured) in my dining room, one of my most ignored rooms in my place. As I sit here quietly enjoying my meal… Continue reading

My Best Recipe!

I don’t know about you but when I find a recipe I can perfect everytime, I make it often. I make this recipe almost everyday! It’s called “Homemade Iced Water”. Yes, that’s what… Continue reading